Friday, October 19, 2012

Ridley-Springfield football ... can't be livestreamed

While the NHL continues to haggle over millions of dollars -- and with the cancellation of games imminent -- I wanted to check in on those games still faithfully taking place in your neighborhoods.

Like high school football.

Do you like high school football as much as we do? Then check out the game of the week (and thus far, the game of the year) tonight at Ridley High School, as the Green Raiders host Springfield in a game that likely will decide the Central League title.

Huge game. The Daily Times sports staff is double-staffing it with our main football beat writer Matt Smith and general sports column legend Jack McCaffery. Unfortunately, we can't bring it to you live via the internet because of the Ridley School District's policy of not allowing live streams.

Since this game is so big this week, I didn't think it made any sense to live stream another one instead.

It should be pointed out that Ridley isn't the only school district with this policy. The Wallingford-Swarthmore School District has also forbid live streaming of games in the past, which leaves us with a dilemma every football season since Ridley and Strath Haven are perennially two of our strongest local football programs. Garnet Valley is in that upper-tier group, too, of course ... but thankfully that district now allows us to live stream games.

(Unfortunately, technical problems with a firewall at Garnet Valley knocked us for a loop right off the 'net when we tried to live stream Garnet Valley's game with Ridley a couple of weeks ago).

Technical problems aside, we try to do this as a public service, and don't sell ads during the webcasts. We do try to promote the schools during the webcasts.

In conversations with officials at both Ridley and Strath Haven, I've learned they are hesitant to live stream for a couple of reasons. First, they think it negatively affects their take at the admission gate if the game is presented on the internet for everyone to see for free.

Secondly, at least from Ridley, I was told the district personnel aren't crazy about the idea of having people (our people or others within range of the microphones) able to say something live without benefit of a delay going out over the internet.

Fair enough. We comply. We just wish the situation could change for next year. You can read editor Phil Heron's blog here ( about the situation.

If you agree with us, please chime in. Send us emails at or tweet to #streamridley.


(And please try to come out to watch the game tonight).


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