Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Flyers might not be getting Cleary, after all

Paul Holmgren talked excitedly Monday night about what Dan Cleary could bring to the Flyers. Cleary was a guy "who could play up and down the lineup" even at 34, Holmgren said of Cleary. The veteran forward had done just that in Detroit, showing a knack for defense, physical play and scoring, either as a third line wing or cohort to top line center Henrik Zetterberg. For the Flyers, Cleary was supposed to report Tuesday on a Player Tryout contract, and reportedly would sign a three-year $8.25 million deal as soon as the Flyers could clear cap space for him. Apparently, the Red Wings thought otherwise. A tweet from CBC reporter Elliotte Friedman Tuesday afternoon reported a "complication" had arisen between Cleary and the Flyers, intersting since the player hadn't yet arrived at Wells Fargo Center for the ongoing club photo shoots. Subsequent reports broke that the Red Wings had met with Cleary and his agent, while Holmgren, spotted as he walked toward the club's locker room, said only, "I don't know anything ... until I hear it from the horse's mouth." That's where the Flyers stand as of now with Cleary, who may or may not renege on his agreement to come to Flyers camp on a tryout basis. Perhaps the Red Wings found a way to clear enough cap space to re-sign their unrestricted free agent forward. Right now, like Holmgren, we don't know.


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