Thursday, November 15, 2012

Exhibition being planned to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims

The commitments are still coming in, but reports are that an exhibition  hockey game tentatively scheduled for next weekend will be played at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. The game will feature a bunch of former and current Flyers, and current and former Rangers. It will also  include other NHL stars including Anaheim's Bobby Ryan, a native of Cherry Hill, N.J., and another native New Jersey guy, James van Riemsdyk, according to a report by

The website reported the game will be played Nov. 24 at 7 p.m.

The event is essentially a coming together of players who have been informally skating together in the New York and Philly/South Jersey areas with the idea that it would benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. If the game in Atlantic City comes off and is a success, don't be surprised to see one happen at a later date, perhaps in Brooklyn.

Other games and charitable events involving members of the locked out NHL Players Association have taken place or are planned. This one, however, really has legs. One of the organizers, a former Flyer, told me on Wednesday that he preferred to wait to comment until more commitments have come in. That update should come Friday.

Here's the kicker: While a lot of names have been leaking out about the game, it's been talked about that some heavy hitter hockey celebrities would also be flying in to be involved. Don't want to get into that until I get it firmed up, however. But the funny thing: Because of this ridiculous lockout and Gary Bettman's gag order, team officials have been ordered to keep their yaps shut about it all.

Great cause ... officials of the Flyers and Rangers would love to be behind it because of that, and because it would be great publicity. Alas...

No one is apparently allowed to say anything while Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr continue their silent standoff.

Amazing how these NHL owners have allowed this league to become a laughingstock. Hope it's worth the money they think it'll save them down the road.

Meanwhile, get in line to attend a great event down in A.C.


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