Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cleary situation unclear as Flyers begin camp

The Flyers' first group of three for this first day of training camp is going on the ice without a hitch, and without Dan Cleary. Sources say the would-be training camp invitee from Detroit was on the list of players scheduled for the 8:30 practice but decided to stay home to sort out his feelings about leaving the Red Wings. Meanwhile, his agent, J.P. Barry, tries to sort out contract talks with the Red Wings. Word is Cleary, who spent the past eight seasons with the Red Wings and grew to be one of their most popular players, is hoping Barry can woo the Wings to put a third year onto their offer to keep Cleary. As it stands, it's believed the Flyers plan to sign him to a three-year, $8.25 million deal once they clear cap space. Until then, Cleary was to be in camp on a tryout agreement only. The Red Wings were believed to be interested in re-signing Cleary, but were short one year and a lot of money as compared to the Flyers' offer. The Flyers will keep an interested eye on this from afar while camp ensues over these next three days here at Wells Fargo Center.


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